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Foundations' 3rd Annual Biggest Loser Contest

April 22, 2024
Another successful year for the Foundations' 3rd Annual Biggest Loser Contest thanks to our hardworking and committed staff members across Ohio. It's a fantastic event aimed at promoting health and wellness among our staff. Here's how it works: participants pay a $20 entry fee, and corporate matches the funds raised for prizes. Each participant receives a customized team t-shirt to kick off the journey.

This year, four facilities got in on the action: Carington Park, Jefferson Healthcare, Pine Grove, and Saybrook Landing. The contest began on January 15th and wrapped up on March 29th. Throughout the contest, there were monthly challenges at each facility, with exciting prizes up for grabs.

Participants also had bi-weekly weigh-ins to track their progress. The culmination of the contest was an Award Luncheon ceremony held on April 4th at Jefferson Healthcare. It was a great opportunity to celebrate everyone's hard work and dedication.

Now, let's talk about the winners! Tom Beck from Pine Grove clinched the first-place spot with an impressive 20% weight loss, earning himself a $1,000 cash prize. Toni Enricco from Jefferson Healthcare secured second place with a 15% weight loss, winning an $800 cash prize. And Heather Mathena from Saybrook Landing took third place with a 10.9% weight loss, earning a $400 cash prize. It's amazing to see the commitment and success of our participants in achieving their health goals!

Promoting health and wellness among our staff is a top priority at Foundations Health Solutions. We understand that healthy and happy employees are the backbone of our organization, contributing to a positive work environment and better resident care. By organizing events like the Foundations' 3rd Annual Biggest Loser Contest, we not only encourage physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices but also foster camaraderie and teamwork among our staff members. We believe in investing in the well-being of our employees where everyone can thrive.

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