222 East Beech Street | Jefferson, Ohio 44047


I came here for two weeks of physical therapy and I have improved thanks to everyone who worked with me. You have a great department. Also, I would recommend to anyone coming here. The care was great and nursing staff was excellent.


Ever since I came here, I have had the utmost great experience with you people. The staff have been great and compassionate with me. Anything that I needed, they came through. I would recommend this facility to anyone who needs specialized care. It has been a great experience! Keep up the good work!


People are all kind and friendly. I got good showers, the aides were very nice; thank you Alisa and Becky. Carol in the beauty shop was wonderful! The nurses are nice and have kind smiles.


I came to Jefferson Healthcare for a short term rehab stay and I could not have asked for a more positive experience. All of the staff I interacted with were pleasant and efficient from housekeeping, maintenance, activities, social services, and dietary were all helpful. The nursing staff went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed. The nurses were especially cognizant in making sure my pain was well managed. My room was quiet and comfortable. Thank you to all the staff for making my stay so pleasant and to the excellent PT/ OT department for my great improvement.


Everybody is very nice and helpful all of the time. I can’t pick employee of the month because they are all nice! I would also recommend this place to anybody. I like the place, I would come back if I had to.


I was here for 2 months and never had a problem with anybody. Everybody was very friendly and helpful. The aides were very nice and helpful to me and all the nurses were great! This is a very nice place to be when you need help. Thank you!

Ps. Therapy was very good and helpful especially Anna and Evan.


The care I recieved here was over and above what I expected! Every morning someone was at bedside to help me wash up and get dressed for therapy. Meals were great and friendly aids and nurses were always asking how I was doing. Activities were provided that helped make and boost morale! Special thanks to my nurse, Jeanine!


When I arrived I was almost paralyzed. I was told I would need a 100 day stay. Thanks to the care I receive I am going home after just 39 days. The physical therapy I received was wonderful. Thank you to Anna and Andrew for all they helped me accomplish. The staff here was very encouraging. Thank you, to all of you. A special thank to Jainey, Michelle and Chastity they were my biggest cheerleaders.


Our families experience w/Jefferson Healthcare Center was wonderful. The facility was very clean and the staff went above and beyond. We could not have asked for better care for our loved one. We appreciate the care your facility provided and we offer our sincere thank you.

Willie Jackson and Family

Virgil and I want to thank every one that took such a great care of him and nothing with him so that when he was able to come home only using a walking cane. God Bless you all.

Virgil and Coral

I was a bedridden wreck when I arrived and all of you brought me back. After my cardiologist, completed a series of tests, he electro-shocked my heart back into rhythm and I am now improving. I hope to be bowling again soon!

Aleks K.

All of the staff made my stay here much easier. They were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable! It made things easier for me being a sudden invalid after having a very active life. I have no plans on slowing down and everyone helped that to be possible. Everyone knew their job and all were eager to help even if it was not in their job descriptions.

Alice R.

My mother tells us every day how well the nurses and aides have been wonderful to her. She said the treatment is very good. The food is also very good. We met with the staff and the therapist and they all have done a wonderful job taking care of her. We feel this is a wonderful place to bring a family member.

The Flowers Family

Your staff really worked to resolve the issue. Caroline, Sarah and Miranda, really amazing nurses and aides. Miranda was an angel. So is Maria, she is amazing. This in no way diminishes the other nurses and aides here, including the wound nurse. Amazing Staff. Also, Anna from Occupational Therapy and Evan from Physical Therapy are thorough and very good. As I told the lady from the State of Ohio when asked about staff. I said on a scale of 1 to 10, I give this place a 12. Thank you for your care and help getting me on my feet. I appreciate all of you. Also want to mention the cleanliness here from Regina in housekeeping.

Jerry L.

I don't have anything to complain about. All the Nurses and Aides are nice.

M. Park