222 East Beech Street | Jefferson, Ohio 44047


I came here for two weeks of physical therapy and I have improved thanks to everyone who worked with me. You have a great department. Also, I would recommend to anyone coming here. The care was great and nursing staff was excellent.


Ever since I came here, I have had the utmost great experience with you people. The staff have been great and compassionate with me. Anything that I needed, they came through. I would recommend this facility to anyone who needs specialized care. It has been a great experience! Keep up the good work!


People are all kind and friendly. I got good showers, the aides were very nice; thank you Alisa and Becky. Carol in the beauty shop was wonderful! The nurses are nice and have kind smiles.


I came to Jefferson Healthcare for a short term rehab stay and I could not have asked for a more positive experience. All of the staff I interacted with were pleasant and efficient from housekeeping, maintenance, activities, social services, and dietary were all helpful. The nursing staff went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed. The nurses were especially cognizant in making sure my pain was well managed. My room was quiet and comfortable. Thank you to all the staff for making my stay so pleasant and to the excellent PT/ OT department for my great improvement.


Everybody is very nice and helpful all of the time. I can’t pick employee of the month because they are all nice! I would also recommend this place to anybody. I like the place, I would come back if I had to.


I was here for 2 months and never had a problem with anybody. Everybody was very friendly and helpful. The aides were very nice and helpful to me and all the nurses were great! This is a very nice place to be when you need help. Thank you!

Ps. Therapy was very good and helpful especially Anna and Evan.


The care I recieved here was over and above what I expected! Every morning someone was at bedside to help me wash up and get dressed for therapy. Meals were great and friendly aids and nurses were always asking how I was doing. Activities were provided that helped make and boost morale! Special thanks to my nurse, Jeanine!


When I arrived I was almost paralyzed. I was told I would need a 100 day stay. Thanks to the care I receive I am going home after just 39 days. The physical therapy I received was wonderful. Thank you to Anna and Andrew for all they helped me accomplish. The staff here was very encouraging. Thank you, to all of you. A special thank to Jainey, Michelle and Chastity they were my biggest cheerleaders.


Our families experience w/Jefferson Healthcare Center was wonderful. The facility was very clean and the staff went above and beyond. We could not have asked for better care for our loved one. We appreciate the care your facility provided and we offer our sincere thank you.

Willie Jackson and Family

Virgil and I want to thank every one that took such a great care of him and nothing with him so that when he was able to come home only using a walking cane. God Bless you all.

Virgil and Coral

I was a bedridden wreck when I arrived and all of you brought me back. After my cardiologist, completed a series of tests, he electro-shocked my heart back into rhythm and I am now improving. I hope to be bowling again soon!

Aleks K.

All of the staff made my stay here much easier. They were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable! It made things easier for me being a sudden invalid after having a very active life. I have no plans on slowing down and everyone helped that to be possible. Everyone knew their job and all were eager to help even if it was not in their job descriptions.

Alice R.

My mother tells us every day how well the nurses and aides have been wonderful to her. She said the treatment is very good. The food is also very good. We met with the staff and the therapist and they all have done a wonderful job taking care of her. We feel this is a wonderful place to bring a family member.

The Flowers Family

Your staff really worked to resolve the issue. Caroline, Sarah and Miranda, really amazing nurses and aides. Miranda was an angel. So is Maria, she is amazing. This in no way diminishes the other nurses and aides here, including the wound nurse. Amazing Staff. Also, Anna from Occupational Therapy and Evan from Physical Therapy are thorough and very good. As I told the lady from the State of Ohio when asked about staff. I said on a scale of 1 to 10, I give this place a 12. Thank you for your care and help getting me on my feet. I appreciate all of you. Also want to mention the cleanliness here from Regina in housekeeping.

Jerry L.

I don't have anything to complain about. All the Nurses and Aides are nice.

M. Park

We would like to thank everyone for the wonderful care given to our mother. Each Department has had a part in her care, and we are very grateful. You guys are awesome!

Family of Grace W.

The help was pleasant and I appreciate the personal Aide!

Shari B.

When my family said I had to go to rehab, I was really mad. I just wanted to go home after surgery in the hospital after so long. My daughter expressed that they couldn’t help me at home because I couldn’t even stand because of my pain. She told me we would get help here. They sure did! The staff is great and friendly too. My therapy helped me work again after almost a week of my stay. I’m ready for home. They are like family here and they treat you like you are one of their own.

Joanne S.

I really appreciate the care and response of all the Nurses and Aides. They were very courteous and kind. They were a lot to answer all my questions, and I appreciated the driver. She was so good with the medic staff at the hospital. But still, I want to go home. Although I will miss all the people at the facility. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mr. Lewis

I really appreciate the care and response of all the Nurses and Aides. They were very courteous and kind. They were able to answer all my questions, and I appreciated the driver. She was so good with the medic staff at the hospital. But still, I want to go home. Although I will miss all the people at the facility. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mr. Lewis

The staff has been very great & helpful with all my needs and questions. Therapy was able to finish all my goals and theirs. The food...was satisfactory. Yes, I will recommend Jefferson Rehab.


Staff and workers have been courteous, caring and helpful during my 5-week stay at Jefferson Healthcare. I am especially grateful to the therapy team for getting me back on my feet. Thank you to all who helped.

Shirley C.

In my days here, I was made to feel comfortable and important. Staff was caring, listened to me and met my needs. OT and PT were very helpful in my recovery. Thank you for helping me return home.


Thank you for your kindness, support, care and love during my stay at Jefferson Healthcare Center.

Diane G. and family

Your Nurses and Aides have been the best, helpful and kind. Your food is great and actually more than enough helpings. I have had friends and family here staying and no complaints. Thank you for getting me back on the road to recovery.

Mary S.

From the moment mom arrived at Jefferson Healthcare Center, she was treated with respect, kindness, and even affection by one Aide who promised, "I will treat you like my own grandma," and she did!

Everyone, from Administrators to the care team to the PT team, was professional and timely in answering all of our questions, addressing any issues or concerns, and providing a level of care that exceeded our expectations all around.

Thank you, Jefferson Healthcare Center, for treating our mom like you would treat your own and for helping our mom to progress in her therapy and to heal through your skill, professionalism, attention, and kindness!

Sandi Thomas and Michelle Cole, Diane's daughter

The staff is always friendly, kind, and shows compassion. Karen says, "If I ever need to, I would come again."

We appreciate the willingness to teach us how to best care for our mom when she goes home. I've already recommended JHC to my friends for their loved ones.


I could not have been more pleased with the care that my mother received at Jefferson Healthcare! Her primary nurse, Carolyn, her regular Aides, Julia and Mario; also Jamie and Sherry and a few night nurses; these caregivers were all excellent! I am forever grateful! Laura was excellent to check on her as well as Joshua. I have no complaints!

Jammee L.

Very good. Good people that were very helpful!


My experience was great. The staff was all very nice and helpful. I will definitely recommend this place to others.

Melissa P.

I would like to come back again if I ever have to! The care was good and the Nurses have been good.

Lynda T.

Dawn Green went above and beyond to help us with our mom, Helen. Nursing staff were all great and very helpful in answering questions. Dr. Bishop was great! Dietary Department was an A+ and always very helpful. Speech therapy was also wonderful. The building and especially the kitchen were spotless. They did not know I’m a retired chef from Las Vegas! Very, very pleased.

Jerry B.

Thank you for being so good to me during my stay here. All the help has been very good to me and helped me when I needed it.


A+ services. Staff was professional and treated me with dignity and respect. Supportive and responsive.


I want to thank all of you for being so sweet and kind. I don't care what department you worked, all of you were great and wonderful to talk to you. Your pets are wonderful even the birds. I could not have asked for more from anybody, you were all so ready to answer and get my every need. Thank you!


The staff has all been very friendly. Most of the time I was given what I asked for pretty quickly. The food was good. Physical therapy people were very helpful.


Would recommend it to anyone. Loved it here. People were super nice.


The staff is friendly and always greets you with a smile and are willing to help. The response time is good, usually less than five minutes and if unable to answer quickly they will acknowledge your call and be there ASAP.

The McClellan Family

I want to tell you that everyone I worked with here were as kind and pleasant as they could be. Anna & Evan from therapy were really kind and went beyond their greatness. Keep doing what you are doing!


My best experience at Jefferson Healthcare after rehab is planning to go home.


Everyone, patients and staff, were not only kind but informative. Many helped me medically and emotionally when I was nervous and scared. I enjoyed my experience here. If I ever had to experience this again, I would choose Jefferson Healthcare Center. Thank you everyone!


My husband Dennis was discharged from your facility 5/20/2023, you gave him a lovely & warm parting gift of a throw blanket. He uses it every day and it washes beautifully. Also, a big hand to the staff who greet visitors and patients with a smile! Keep up the good work.

Dennis & Lisa McClellan

Staff provided excellent personal care, was treated ... with dignity and respect. Glad to be going home. Thank you for the blanket!


We appreciate everyone here. He could never show how grateful he is to the staff and all the employees for the care of his parents.

Tom C.

Everyone was so nice. Thank you for everything you all did for my mother and family. So pleased! Will recommend Jefferson Healthcare!


My stay was very good but I am going home Saturday. Thank you for the help!


There are no words to tell you how much we appreciate your skilled, gentle, and kind care of our father. May God bless you always. Dad was a hometown man from Jefferson & he would never leave Pine St. except to go to Beech St. Your care was instrumental in his journey. Thank you again.

The Family of Don Reuschling

The aides were very good at helping the nurses too.


The stay at Jefferson Rehab was very nice. The staff was friendly, helpful and prompt. The meals were delicious. It was very reassuring to have Dr. Bishop. Thank you.

Mary F.

The attendants were wonderful, they were friendly and caring, they gave me great care. My room is always clean. The people who provide physical therapy were good too. Thank you.

Dennis C.

I have to give the facility an A+. Everyone has been very helpful and pleasant. I would definitely recommend it to everyone, and I thank you for the great care.

E. Baker

My experience was wonderful. I appreciate all the love and care from all of the staff. Thank you for taking care of me. The kitchen staff was wonderful, as well as the food. I love you all.

Eleanor L.

Loved the staff and the facility! Great care; would recommend Jefferson Healthcare.

Charles C.

Everything was done very well and the people were super, especially the nurse's aides. Perfect stay at Jefferson Healthcare.

Mr. Adkins

I have been here for approximately 2 ½ months and the care given by your staff has been caring, loving, and kind.

Mrs. Karger

The cleaning and help crew did a great job of helping me get situated in my room. Also, therapy did a great job helping me get back on my feet for my goal to go home.

Mr. Wright

Nanc has been treated and cared for in a very professional manner by Dr. Bishop, the front desk, and the staff. We have nothing but good things to say. A special thanks to her nurses, aides, food staff, and housekeeping, and kudos to Pam in Transportation, Julia STNA, Evan in PT, and ladies in housekeeping. They went above their jobs to help her. Thanks!

Siekkinen Family

I felt comfortable and confident at JHC from the time my husband, John, entered their care. All of the staff were caring, efficient and informative. All of the therapies, which were done very well, have enabled John to make the needed progress to allow him to return home. John was treated as a person not just a patient. Our family felt welcomed and allowed to be a part of his three month stay.

Kampf Family

Everything was good! Great care. I would recommend Jefferson Healthcare.

Mr. K.

Jefferson Healthcare had a wonderful Christmas Party last night. The girls up front did a great job! Everyone was dressed nicely. Everything was very nice! Great time!

Roberta G.

I would like to report how well I've been cared for while staying at Jefferson Healthcare Center. The staff have been very caring in meeting my needs during my stay here!

Mr. Gladd

I would like to thank Dawn Green for all the help that she did for me and for also being a friend and helpful to everyone here! Everyone here has been so very nice! Thank you so much for my wonderful care.

M. Maurer

I was very happy with my care here at Jefferson Healthcare Center. The nurses, aides and all staff were wonderful. I really enjoyed the Christmas party and how they treated me and my family. The meals were awesome and I have no complaints. Thank you for such great care.

Mrs. Shreve

I have to say everyone at Jefferson Healthcare Center has gone above and beyond to make me feel safe, secure and like at home. I wish anyone who needs care to come here. They treat you like family.


Everyone here was top-notch. The food was very good and the care was very good. I'm leaving better than when I arrived. Hope that I left a good impression.


Not gonna lie I was expecting the worst, but I was completely surprised at this place! The quality of care has surpassed #1 and the staff is legendary!! From the kitchen to maintenance & everyone in between you have top-notch people who truly care about the patients and who will go above and beyond to make people feel comfortable and, at least in my case, able to heal and get strong enough to go home again. I have absolutely no hesitation in telling others that it's the best place in the county to go or to have their loved ones stay here. I honestly cannot thank everyone enough for everything!! If I had the money, I'd throw a huge party for everyone! However; there is one extra special thank you to a special little 4-legged staff member, SNOWFLAKE! She was many times the highlight of my days and she deserves a real steal as a reward. Many thanks and keep up the phenomenal work!!

Nicole C.

My brother feels comfortable and safe while being in the Jefferson facility. He is looking forward to physical rehab so he can stand and walk again. The staff is so caring and helpful.

Patty D.

I can't begin to tell you how comfortable it was to leave my "Bill" in your care. The staff is so friendly and compassionate. If the time comes that I can no longer care for Bill at home, you will be my first choice.

Patt S.

Jefferson Healthcare Nurses, I was at your facility in January of 2022. I have made a full recovery and could not have done it without the kindness and professionalism of all of you. I will be forever grateful!

Jay D.

Our experience at Jefferson Healthcare was great. They took very good care of my mother. Awesome facility, clean and everyone was very helpful. Great facility.

D. George

Food was good. Staff took good care of me. Thank you, staff.

David N.

It's been a friendly place with good food, and everybody works hard. I enjoyed my stay. A first-class place.

Troy S.

My experience at Jefferson Healthcare was excellent. From the Nursing Staff, Therapy Staff, Kitchen Staff & Housekeeping Staff. Everyone is pleasant and hard-working. My room is always nice and clean. I like the fact that they look in on me. Thank you for all your patience and kindness.

Clara S.



Wonderful! Blessing! Great! Felt Like Family! Will come back again and recommend!

David H.

Was such a nice experience. All were so kind and gentle. Best workers I've had to help me since this all started. Thank you all.

Carol B.

I have had a good experience here at Jefferson Healthcare Center. You have a good staff here - they have been kind and caring and have gone out of their way to do things for me. Some of the aides do things on their own that they don't have to do. I must say you have an excellent activities person (Laura). Thank you for putting up with me!

Donna F.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of my mother, Sara C., and now my father, Ed. You are all so caring and kind. I don't know what we would do without your amazing care and skills.


Everyone has made this time easier for me! Great care from all of the staff.

Carol C.

I wish I could personally thank every person at JHC who took care of Jeannie during her time there. She developed a friendship with many of you. I always felt she was safe and being taken care of there. Also, thank you for helping me during my visits. I always felt welcome. So, I sincerely thank all of you.

Ron F.

Everything was wonderful. Thank you for all your help. Everyone was very nice to me and helped me through this experience. Although this place is nice, I look forward to going home.

Georgius D.

I was treated very well. The food is delicious. My therapy was excellent and helped me in my walking. The nursing staff = excellent. The aides were very helpful, pleasant, and ready to do what the needs were.

Rose L.